Using data and technology to achieve impact.

DG creates innovative technology, implements data-focused programs, and conducts research and evaluation to further sustainable development.


Technology Development

Creating tools for evidence-based advocacy and decision-making.

We build digital tools through an agile, user-centered process, and deliver intuitive, stable, powerful systems to inform decisions. Nearly all systems are built using open source, modular components — making them easy to adopt, maintain, and scale.

Example tools:

Advisory Services

Fostering data-driven leadership.

We train partners to use data and technology, facilitate workshops and events, analyze data, and create plans and processes to catalyze organizational change. All of our work begins with a thorough needs assessment, and we design an adaptive programming to meet partners' unique needs. We also provide monitoring, evaluation, and strategic communications for all of our projects.

Example Initiatives:

Applied Research

Pushing the boundaries of development policymaking.

Successful development requires learning, adapting, and improving. To accomplish this, we conduct forward-thinking studies, assessments, and evaluations around the role of data and technology for decision-making. We share our learnings widely and seek to put these findings into practice.

Example Projects: