Results Data Initiative

Rethinking how we collect, share, and use development results data.

Our Goal

To give government and agency leaders the information, tools, and approaches they need to base development management, policy, and planning decisions on actual results.

About RDI

Launched in 2015 with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, our first task for the Results Data Initiative (RDI) was to better understand how local-level development actors actually collect, share, and use results data to inform development programs. After speaking with over 450 government officials, donor representatives, and implementer staff, we are putting our insights into action.

We will work with two country governments and three development agencies to address critical barriers to results data use. How? By creating a combination of tools, datasets, resources, and approaches to help dynamic officials in each partner institution enable results-based decisions. With our partners at the Results for Development Institute, we are implementing an innovative joint learning approach to drive this program, ensuring our work meaningfully influences the actions of leading development actors.

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