Tanzania Sectoral Dashboards

Government of Tanzania and World Bank | Tanzania

DG, in partnership with DataVision International, developed three sector-specific open data dashboards for the Government of Tanzania, in support of the Tanzania Open Data Initiative. These dashboards include data from the health, education, and water sectors. They collect, synthesize, and visualize data to help users (including the government itself) analyze and surface narratives; support decision-making and reporting; and provide feedback for improving the quality of data through interactive mechanisms.

TZ Dashboard Education

Education Dashboard; see elimu.takwimu.org

This work began by assessing the needs of diverse dashboard users – Tanzanian government officials from the National Bureau of Statistics and across line ministries, along with donor and citizen representatives. Next, because of concerns of data quality and availability in the centralized dataset, the project team supported the Government in compiling, cleaning, and joining up data from a variety of sources. – including statistical, subnational administrative, and health facility data. In parallel to the data cleaning process, wireframing, concept design, and technical development – with user testing and feedback – ensured a useful and usable product.

Visit the Dashboards (www.takwimu.org) 

Partner: DataVision International